Grand Canyon – Rim to River to Rim


DAY 200 – EASTER SUNDAY 4/17: Grand Canyon National Park (28,350.1) Today I embarked on an epic hike, a 19.2 mile “Rim-to-Rim” hike in the Grand Canyon, down to the Colorado and back (the barista at the Park tavern would later say that purists would call my hike a “Rim-to-River” hike bc I stayed on the south side, but who cares! I hiked down from one rim and ended up back on another rim!)

I started at sunrise down the South Kaibab Trail, at which time the full moon was setting over the western canyon rim. The morning light showed off the contours of the mesas beautifully. A pleasant descent.

About halfway down I was passed by a half dozen ladies who were *trail running* the route. They were Bad Ass! 😻😻😻

Later, as I neared the bridge over the river, I heard a mule team crossing, with a loud clomping of hoofs. They soon passed as I stood aside.

At the bottom I made sure to have a couple glasses of lemonade at the Phantom Ranch cantina, then caught up w one of the trail runner gals, who had bonked and was running low on water. I gave her some from my thermos and we ended up hiking most of the way up the Bright Angel Trail together and the conversation helped pass the time on the climb.

Then I bonked, about 1.7 miles from the top, and took an extended break in the shade of one of the towering mesas.

Finally, I reached the rim: 8:14 hours elapsed, avg. pace 2.32mph. My longest day hike since the AT.

I wolfed a gigantic burger and a glass of lemonade, and the barista gave me an electrolyte tablet she just happened to have on hand. A giant tip was her reward.

An amazing Easter walk through the canyon’s grandeur…

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