UFO Beach / South Padre Island


DAY 473 – F 1/20: UFO Beach (54,432.9) EARTHLINGS ONLY

I heard about a spot about 3 miles past the end of the road called UFO Beach, so named for an emergency evacuation pod that washed up on the shore there. I was intrigued, but not sure my 2WD Sprinter could get there, so I set out on foot.

It took a little over an hour to cover the distance, past friendly folk fishing in the surf.

Apparently the spot has become quite an attraction for the spring break crowd as a clothing-optional beach, and the “alien vehicle” has been adorned with the graffiti NUDE BEACH. No sunbathers, naked or otherwise, were to be seen.

On the way back a friendly retired couple in a red pickup offered to give me a lift back to the roadway, and I graciously accepted, bc hiking on this beach, once having reached my destination, was, well, a little monotonous.

I drove back to town and got to know the business district a bit before heading back to the beach…

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