Moraine Lake at Sunrise


DAY 287 – Th 7/14: Banff > Lake Louise > Icefield Parkway (39,525.2)

I hit the road at 4am in order to get to Moraine Lake in time for the sunrise. That, I’d heard, is the best time to get an ethereal photo of the day’s first light illuminating the mountain peaks and reflecting their majesty off the lake’s emerald waters. It’s also the only way to beat the crowds that congregate on the hillsides surrounding it.

I arrived around 5:30 and as the Sun rose I became transfixed as the view was truly breath-taking. I was grateful to have seen it, and humbled and thankful to live near what must be one of the galaxy’s most dazzling spots.

I finally tore myself away and headed over to Lake Louise, itself a wonder to behold in the early morning light. Snow-capped Mt. Victoria presided over all from her throne to the West.

I meandered down the shoreline trail and soon committed to hike to the Plain of Six Glaciers, 6 kilometers from the resort at Lake Louise. Another awe-inspiring view. I was pleasantly surprised to learn that at the glacier overlook there was a pretty little tea house, fully stocked, offering an assortment of refreshments. I opted for a chai, a cup of chili, and some cornbread (anything warm, really) and devoured them while enjoying the view.

Suddenly, a helicopter swooped low and landed. As it happens, this is how supplies are delivered to the tea house on a routine basis; staff lives on site through the summer.

After a day filled with memorable sights, I stayed the night at the Mosquito Creek Campground just up the Icefield Parkway…

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